Agricultural science is only beginning to scratch the surface when it comes to understanding “the living soil” and the hidden wealth of beneficial organisms available to aid plant growth. It is widely predicted that biological inoculants will represent the next big leap forward in crop production.

Today, mycorrhizae and rhizobium are among the most valuable (and widely used) biological inoculants. These symbiotic organisms are proven to stimulate plant growth; accelerate root development; improve the uptake of phosphorus (along with other key nutrients and water); and to enhance nitrogen fixation. They also help to protect plants against root-borne pathogens and environmental stresses. The list goes on.

Taurus has collected insightful information to explain the benefits of choosing the right biological active solution for pulses, soybeans, field crops and potatoes. AGTIV®’s high-quality inoculants ensure healthier crops and a brighter future by increasing the crop quality, productivity and yield. There are three reasons we are fans of AGTIV® products. They’re easy to use. They’re effective. And they deliver a defined return on investment.


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A peat-based, dual endomycorrhizal and rhizobial inoculant.  Used for precise in-furrow application (granular) or …View


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An endomycorrhizal inoculant that has been specially developed for potato production…View

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