Please note: As of January 1st 2019 Taurus will no longer be representing A&L Canada Labs.  Please see the full release here.

Today’s agricultural production is a high stakes business. That’s why the most successful business growers – the ones who consistently produce top yielding, highest return crops – are the ones who MAKE DECISIONS BASED ON DATA. They avoid the common trap of making assumptions and simply doing things the way things have always been done.

Analytics are the starting point for an informed agronomic-based strategy.

Taurus has built our business around educating growers on which solutions will work best for their land and their crops. The more we know about what is going on in your individual fields, the greater our ability to inform you on which nutrients, biological inoculants or plant enhancement technologies will have the greatest impact – and give you the best return on investment.



Soil Analysis

Let Taurus set you up for success with a comprehensive soil analysis program. We will provide the sampling tools and guidance you require. All analysis work is done by the experts at A & L Labs Canada – a leading provider of Agricultural Analytics. A&L ’s comprehensive Test Package identifies the breakdown of mineral content, structural aspects and ratios between nutrients.

Soil analysis

Tissue Analysis

Plant tissue analysis is an important management tool for crop production. Monitoring of plant nutrient levels at critical crop growth stages through the growing season can help identify potential and existing nutritional problems that can affect crop quality and yield. It is not only useful in terms of the current crop you are testing: it gives you valuable information to build a solid fertility program for next year’s crop. Taurus is available to help you implement a plant monitoring program (available for most crops), with all analysis provided by the professionals at A & L Labs.

Tissue Analysis

Additional Analytical Services

Taurus’ ability to provide agronomic insights goes beyond soil and tissue testing. Through A & L Labs, we are able to dig deeper to provide accurate data to help guide a broad range of agronomic practices (fertilizer and lime application, manure, pesticides, water, nematodes, organic soil, feed, and compost) while advancing our understanding on soil health and biological activity.

Agronomy and Analytics

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