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The Taurus Team

Craig Davidson

President, Founding Partner

From the day Taurus opened its doors in 2001, Craig has been driven to help growers understand the why’s behind the how’s in agriculture. His goal has been to create a different kind of company: one that is focused on promoting innovative, scientifically-backed technologies and leading edge agronomic strategies based on education, knowledge and data. Since then, he has been helping business-minded growers to benefit through Taurus’ fact-first approach to farming.

Craig works closely with agri-businesses and manufacturers to determine how their products and services can bring value to the Canadian and global marketplace – and fit within an overall agronomic strategy designed to maximize production and profitability for growers.

As President, Craig’s approach to business is about “boots on the ground” versus “feet up on a desk.” He remains passionate about working with progressive farmers and continues to personally lead grower meetings.

Craig has spent his whole life in agriculture. Before founding Taurus he served in senior management roles with fertilizer manufacturers on both sides of the border. He continues to be actively involved in a fifth-generation family farming operation in Virden, Manitoba.

How can Craig provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

“We’ve come to realize there are no silver bullets out there. There is no single solution that can turn a good crop into a great crop. Instead, the secret to success comes from a holistic approach where small, sustainable gains add up to large scale success for today’s advanced growers.

We are fortunate to have a tremendous arsenal of agronomic tools at our fingertips – with many more in development. Myself, and the entire team at Taurus are committed to helping growers stay on top of these advancements. Together we will help you raise the bar: from the soil on up.”



Robert Mann

Vice President, Business and Market Development

Taurus is continually expanding our efforts to bring the latest innovations and agronomic insights to growers across Western Canada – and around the world. Having spent over 25 years in the fertilizer industry, serving at the highest executive level, Rob Mann knows how to grow a solid crop – and a successful business.

Rob is responsible for business and market development for Taurus – including mergers, acquisitions, contracts and product licensing. Because Taurus likes to keep our entire team grounded in the realities of day to day agriculture, Rob also works with growers and retailers as the Taurus representative for Southern Alberta and Southern British Columbia.

How can Rob provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

“We are in an exciting phase in agricultural history. Over the past decades, we have learned how important fertility, plant genetics, disease control, crop rotation and marketing crops are to today’s grower. Now we are moving into biologicals and seeing how important they are to agricultural sustainability and success.  Taurus is constantly looking for new and innovative products and systems to add to the grower’s toolbox.”



Claude Sander

Agronomic Marketing & Business Manager, Managing Partner

Claude is the lead of Taurus Fertility solutions and our representative for Northern and Central Saskatchewan. He works closely with growers, retail outlets and solution providers to stay on top of the products, tactics and advancements that can help achieve exceptional results. Claude strives to show customers how fertility solutions, biological inoculants and plant enhancement technologies go hand in hand with the insights that come from a strategically-based analytics program.

Over a 20+ year career, Claude has been involved in multiple facets of the industry: from research to sales and marketing to agronomy – and is a graduate of the Agriculture and Bio Resource program at University of Saskatchewan. Claude is passionate about agriculture; honest in his recommendations; and committed to the success of growers.

How can Claude provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

“These days, it’s extremely hard to keep things simple when it comes to agriculture. Now it’s about knowing how the complex elements in your soil affect plant performance. We take pride in making our advanced agronomic solutions easy to understand – because your life is complicated enough. Our passion and dedication to agriculture allows Taurus to be a valued partner in your business.”



Roddy McNinch

Agronomic Marketing & Business Manager, Managing Partner

They say that knowledge is power. At Taurus, we take it one step further. We believe knowledge is profit.

As the lead of Taurus Analytics and Agronomy, Roddy educates growers on the vital role data plays in driving sound agronomic decisions. He walks you through the art of collecting soil and tissue samples. Then he reveals the science behind interpreting the findings to improve production, increase margins and maximize profitability.

Roddy has seen the agriculture business from all angles. He grew up on a mixed grain operation in Mervin, Saskatchewan; worked in the research division of Bayer Crop Science (focusing on parental seed production); and spent several years advising growers as a sales representative and manager for multiple ag retailers.

As a member of the Taurus team, Roddy draws on this diverse experience when educating grower and retailers on agronomic strategies designed to take crops to the next level. Growers appreciate Roddy’s ability to explain complex subjects in a clear and concise way that is relevant to their farming operations.

How can Roddy provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

Crop inputs represent the highest percentage of investment dollars that growers spend on a annual basis. Nutrients are a large part of these inputs. That is where analytics becomes your best friend and trusted guide. I help growers remove the guess work – so they are confident in their decisions while investing in Fertilizer, Plant Enhancement Technologies or Biological Inoculants.”



Mike Dolinski

Director of Science & Innovation

Mike grew up on a small farm in southern Manitoba and moved to Alberta as Provincial Entomologist in 1972 after finishing a Masters in Entomology at the U of M. During his 32 years with Alberta Agriculture he had roles as an entomologist, vertebrate specialist (rats, coyotes, rabies), apiculturist, and finally as an organic agriculture specialist. He retired in 2004.

Over the last 10 years he became interested in plant physiology and how plants grow and use resources. He speaks widely on many topics related to plant physiology, growth, and nutrition, plus insect pest management using his vast array of photographs which he takes at the microscopic level to train agronomists and farmers.  Mike is an avid fisherman, golfer, grandfather and passionate teacher.

Mike is happy to be a part of Taurus and eager to share his extensive knowledge with growers.



Adam Smith

Agronomic Marketing & Business Manager

Biological inoculants are the new frontier in agriculture. As the lead for Taurus’ Biological Inoculants group, Adam strives to remain at the forefront of the new and exciting products that are quickly being adopted into mainstream farming practices.

Whether it is introducing growers to the world biological inoculants; explaining the interrelationship of nutrients and their impact on quality and yield; shedding light on the latest plant enhancement technologies; or demonstrating the value of an analytics program – Adam has a talent for simplifying the science and showing how it can all benefit your bottom line.

Adam holds his designation as a Canadian Crop Advisor. Prior to joining Taurus, he spent four years managing an independent retail in Manitoba and worked as an independent crop advisor with Western Ag Professional Agronomy. He grew up on a mixed farm, and is once again actively involved in its operation.

How can Adam provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

“Farming has changed rapidly over the past five years. New advancements and the ability to individually tailor agronomic solutions have helped growers produce better, more profitable crops. Armed with the latest knowledge, growers, consultants and retailers can all pull together to take production to the next level. We pride ourselves in being a trusted educational resource.”



Krista DeWit-Wright

Internal Operations & Marketing Manager

For a company dedicated to sharing the latest agronomy-based information and insights, it’s important that we give growers and retailers the information and resources they need to succeed.

Krista joined Taurus in 2008 to guide our traditional and online communications, and to provide administrative duties on a part-time basis. As Taurus has grown, Krista’s position has evolved into a full-time role. Her responsibilities include: developing and maintaining our sales program- TAC, managing our website, developing educational resources, planning tradeshows and communicating with our online customer database.

Krista grew up on a family-owned dairy farm south of Strathmore, Alberta where she worked from a young age. She completed Website Design and Management course at SAIT and studied at Mount Royal College before that. The experience she gained serving as Office Manager and Buyers’ Assistant at Fabricland’s Canadian Head Office has proven invaluable to Taurus.

How can Krista provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

“I work behind the scenes supporting the Taurus team in their ongoing efforts to introduce the latest agricultural advances to our clients.”



Terri Lattin

Financial Controller

The ability to understand and manage inputs and outputs is something successful growers and financial controllers share in common. Terri has provided accounting expertise to companies in the agriculture sector for nearly 30 years. At Taurus, she is accountable for the internal day-to-day fiscal management and financial well-being of the company. Her responsibilities include inventory, cash management, purchasing, financial reporting and analysis. Terri works closely with Taurus customers and suppliers to ensure accurate and efficient business transactions.

How can Terri help you Advance Every Acre?

“I try to make things easy, transparent and precise from a billing and supply side. This way, you can concentrate on putting our products to the best use in your fields – to benefit your bottom line.”



Brett Guynup

Agronomic Marketing Regional Manager

The Peace Region of northern Alberta and BC is unique from an agronomic perspective. To be successful and achieve top yield requires an in-depth understanding of the environmental factors that set this area apart (such as climate, soil and a shorter growing season). Brett draws on over 17 years of experience serving regional growers as a grain buyer, retail ag supply manager and retail account manager. As a member of the Taurus team, Brett shares advanced agronomic advice, insights and product support that helps get crops off to a strong start – and end with an impressive finish. Year after year.

How can Brett provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

“In today’s world, farmers need to have knowledge and expertise in so many areas. From biology and chemistry to business practices and commodity markets. Even GPS technology and mechanics! That’s a lot to put one a person’s shoulders. If we can help a grower understand sound agronomy and how putting the right product in the right field can impact yield, quality and harvestability – hopefully we can make that grower’s life easier – and their crops more profitable.”



Travis Avery

Agronomic Marketing Regional Manager

Travis has spent nearly his entire career working with growers on the retail side of the farm business, beginning as a student in the Agribusiness Management program at U of M. He quickly demonstrated a skill and passion for helping growers at every step of the decision-making process – providing practical advice on how to produce and market a successful, high-yielding crop. With Taurus, Travis works with growers and retailers to shed light on science-based agronomic practices and innovations that deliver results at the farm gate. He values a grassroots approach where grower trials provide proof that a product or practice works at a local level.

How can Travis help you Advance Every Acre?

“Taurus’ commitment to Advancing Every Acre sounds ambitious – but it is a very achievable goal. The key is to help growers make solid decisions based on their own operation. It starts with education and ends with increased yield. If my recommendations have a positive impact on the crop and earn the grower’s confidence, hopefully I’ll be invited back to see what Taurus can do next.”



Wayne Rolston, PAg

Agronomic Marketing Regional Manager

Wayne Rolston is driven to help open-minded growers produce more bushels, more sustainably, through science-based agronomy. He has been an independent agrology consultant since 2006, managing over 20,000 acres on behalf of top-producing growers seeking to enhance farm gate profitability. In other words, he’s a natural fit for Taurus and our high performance customer! Wayne’s knowledge and understanding of plant growth and soil health has been further informed by his experience working with a leading life sciences innovator, an international nutrient company and global grain handling firm. Wayne says not a day goes by that he doesn’t learn something new… which he believes is the key to doing things better.

How can Wayne provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

“If we are going to feed our growing global population, it’s vital that we pursue best practices in nutrient management and nutrient stacking. It starts by understanding how crop nutrition and fertility stewardship are both critical to optimal plant health. At the same time, it is important to seize opportunities to defend against the stressors that plants face along the way.”



Curtis Russell, PAg

Agronomic Marketing Regional Manager

As a Professional Agrologist, Curtis is committed to helping growers excel with every pass over the field. He is excited by the opportunity to share the latest advancements and best practices in modern agronomy with Taurus growers and retailers. Prior to joining Taurus, Curtis spent 15 years with a major crop management company as a territory sales manager. He grew up on a grain farm in southwest Saskatchewan, which inspired him to pursue his BSc in Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan, graduating with a major in Agronomy and minor in Business.

How can Curtis provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

“I believe our customers are ready to take the next step and dial-up nutrition on every acre. Nutrition must be tailored to each field. While technology will deliver new products and strategies to maximize production – my role is to help our customers better understand these innovations and provide the best advice for each individual grower. I can also draw on my experience to explain how our products interact with other chemistries on the market to ensure an agronomically sound solution.”



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